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Just finished installing the Forza 3-way exhaust controller system on my 2014 Camaro 2SS and must tell you that the construction quality and installation instructions were as good as they come. A super easy to understand set of instructions and part layout and it all came together perfectly.  Well worth the money!  I mounted the controller on the interior trunk side surround soft panel instead of under the trunk the battery panel cover for easier access.  Just reach inside trunk and push the controller button.  Much easier!  Very well done Steve.  Your kit was a pleasure to install.  Also found during the op test that as soon as my finger leaves the button on the remote control that the exhaust valve flapper instantly opens or closes.  Where as on the M2W controller that I installed on my 2010 Corvette Grand Sport, a few years back, took a couple of seconds to respond to the remote control selection.  So glad I purchased your system.  Couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you very much!

Denis - Vacaville, CA

I just installed Steve's awesome Bypass kit on my 360 Spider. I used the manual switch option. Super easy to install with clear instructions. Steve is super nice and easy to work with - gave me great tech support on the manual install since I'm not super handy with wiring. And the sound.....just wow! Day and night. And when there's a police road block, just flick the switch to go back to default. Absolutely love this!

Bernard - Hong Kong

Just completed the install on my 2007 F430 Spider. First off dealing with Steve in an absolute pleasure. Here is a guy who is extremely knowledgeable and stands behind what he sells (and builds)!

There is no need to remove the wheel or gravel guard. Also no need to remove rear diffuser. All can be done from the top. The only challenge, and a small one at best, is accessing the driver side solenoid. All you need to do is remove rear access panel. Emergency pull for gas door is there but there is plenty of room to move panel forward and out of the way. The solenoid on that side is tucked underneath the accumulator tank. Just remove the top two bolts from the tank and you can lift up the tank and gain access to the solenoid. It's still tight and guys with bigger hands might have an issue getting in there. Mounting the controller box is also easy with supplied 3M Dual Lock fastening tape behind the side rear panel. It fits perfectly. I fired her up and all works beautifully! Every F430 owner needs one of these! The sound is so awesome with valves open in the low RPM range.

Steve - Fort Salonga, NY

I just installed this yesterday and wanted to tell you that the product and instructions were excellent, Quality was top notch!!  It made it so easy to install and it works great.  This is my first Ferrari and this was the first thing I did to it.

Eric - Evansdale, IA

Easy install on an F430 05 Spider, opted to run mine via switch - only little tricky part was locating the driver side solenoid valve, just popped the 2 nuts securing the accumulation tank , gave me enough room to unclip and reconnect connectors.  Located the bypass control box in front of the rear lights on the passenger side, routed the earth break to a switch mounted under the steering column.   Thanks Steve, great instructions and great quality product.

Laurie - Sacramento, CA

My project included the purchase and installation of Steve Bisel's (aka Forza Componenti) Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller (with remote) as well as Ferrari's Racing Exhaust System.

I am more than pleased with the system that Forza Componenti has manufactured. The build quality is second to none, and Steve was extremely helpful in encouraging me through the process. Frankly, the system is very straight forward and can be installed within a 90 minutes.

I am completely blown away with what she sounds like following the mods.

David - Stillwater, MN

Great quality unit. Very easy to install and works straight away. The only lengthy process for me was deciding how to neatly tuck away and loop the cables.

Chee - Victoria, Australia

I just installed your Exhaust bypass Valve Remote kit in a client’s F430. Congrats on a job well done. The workmanship and quality of materials used was just outstanding. As a shop owner and an engineer, it’s nice to see high quality aftermarket components. Installation took about an hour and a half.

David - Bedford, NH

I just installed this in my 355 last weekend. In the 355 it's actually a 15 minute job. I read the entire directions and double checked everything so it took me awhile. Honestly, I could install this in my car again in less than 10 minutes and it worked right out of the box ... and its fun!

Hugh - Seattle, WA

The dealer installed the exhaust controller on my Ferrari F12 and it totally changed the character of the car.  I  thought it might be droney, but on the F12 is sounds great.  The car just had something missing with valves closed.  Thanks.

Peter - Hamilton, Ontario

Installation was a very simple process on 360 Spider. Installed control module on passenger side rear of car behind the aluminum covers. The whole process took 1.5 hours. Now am planning on getting the 360 racing exhaust.

Mike - Lakewood Rang, FL

I just installed my controller, and it works great! I am very pleased. Everything fit like it was supposed to, and worked well. I have a 2000 360 with Fabspeed headers, and Ferrari racing exhaust. One thing I was pleased to see with Steve's kit is the insulation of the wires. On the Capristo unit, I don't believe the wires that go from the far vacuum controller, past the exhaust, are insulated.

David - Sanford, FL

I just installed the Exhaust Bypass Valve w/Remote Kit on my 2007 F430 Spider. The installation was very straight forward and only took about 90 minutes. There was no need to remove anything except the two small engine bay access covers to gain access to the bypass solenoids, although the left is easier to access if you slightly loosen the bolts holding the accumulator tank.

The instructions were great and the video on the web site was helpful as well. The quality of the components is exceptional! The box, the cables and the connectors are first rate.

The friend that helped me is an engineer and he repeatedly said he's never seen this component quality in an automotive product. There are no CEL issues and no DTC codes being logged by the ECU, we checked using a SD2. And, most importantly, the sound, at the press of a button, is now fantastic!

Eric - Groton, MA

Truly a Plug/Play install, Steve. The best device invented for a 355-360. Installed in 45 minutes and the remote fob action is perfect. Thanks.

Mik - Newman, CA

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