Model E3 Controller

$295.00 ($320.00 for vehicles requiring adapter plugs)

Three-way exhaust controller for installation in moderate environments such as the interior of the car or other locations not exposed to high temperatures.

Depending on application, the controller offers up to three modes of operation:

  1. Normal Mode:  The vehicle controls operation of the exhaust bypass valves.  This is the stock mode.
  2. Always Open Mode:  Forces the valves to remain open at all times, overriding the vehicle's ECU.
  3. Always Closed Mode:  Forces the valves to remain closed at all times.  Note:  not available on Alfa Romeo.

Differences Compared to Model B4A

Other than price, there are two key diffences of the Model E3 compared to the Model B4A.

  1. The Model E3's enclosure is ABS plastic which is not as tolerant of high temperatures as the aluminum enclosure used with the Model B4A.  The E3 should be not be used in high temperature environments such as the engine bay or near high temperature elements such as the exhaust system of the car.
  2. The Model E3 will always default to the Normal mode when you turn off the ignition.  At the the next engine start, the exhaust valves will be in the Normal position (generally closed) until you press the button on the remote.  The B4A can be configured for valves open or valves normal at engine start.



Plug-and-Play  ... 100% Reversible

The kit is completely plug-and-play.  Power for the controller comes from the existing connector to the car's exhaust bypass vacuum solenoids, and no wiring modification are required because the kit includes connector cables for the vacuum solenoids.  Since no modification are required to install, if you ever want to remove the controller the installation is 100% reversible.

Start-up option user configurable for Always Open or Normal Mode (ECU Control).

Simplified installation is straight forward.  The small size makes it easy to find a suitable location to install the controller.  Unplug the existing connectors to the vacuum solenoid valves, connect the included Y-cables and route the cables to the controller.  Once installation is complete, you use one button on your remote transmitter to open the exhaust bypass valves and the other button to close the valves and return control to the car  ...  and, you also have the ability to configure a manual on/off switch that you can mount inside your vehicle.

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Vehicle Compatibility

Alfa Romeo

Contact us for compatibility with other vehicles not listed above.

* Note: Controllers for these vehicles only operate as two-way controllers.

  1. Normal Mode: Car's ECU manages valves.
  2. Always Open Mode

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