Extension Cable Detail

Using the Model B4 Controller as an example, the connection cables included with the kit are:

The included extension cable is provided to allow a short and a long reach from each of the two vacuum solenoid valves.  For example, on the Ferrari 360, the valves are located on the right and left side of the engine bay immediately forward of the left & right rear taillight assemblies.  The combination of the three cables allows the installer to locate the controller module virtually anywhere in the engine bay to avoid as much as possible high heat sources from the exhaust system.

On the Ferrari 458, the vacuum solenoid valves are in a different position at the rear of the engine bay.  The single included extension cable will only extend the reach of one of the Y-cables.  The other Y-cable will limit the reach to  120cm.  In order to position the controller module in the forward part of the engine bay, an additional extension cable is required. 

Although not a requirement, if you have a Ferrari 458 or 488GTB, the additional extension cable can prove to be an useful accessory if you want greater flexibility to locate the controller module.  The additional extension cable is not necessary on other vehicles as the cables included in the kit will provide adequate reach.

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