Our History

As a recent Ferrari owner, I wanted to add some components and customize my car to tailor it to my personal tastes.  But, like many owners, I did not want to alter the stock look of the car.  As I started examining options available for my car, I was treated to a severe case of sticker shock.  So several things on my wish list have stayed on my wish list. Some things that I did change were the tail lights to LEDs and I upgraded the stock audio system.  I did the work myself as I wanted to keep my costs down. I also installed a new exhaust system.  I really liked the improved sound.  During the installation of the new exhaust, I made myself familiar with the operation of the exhaust bypass valves and their operation.  I saw the opportunity to manually control the exhaust bypass valves, however the only comMurci
ally available products I could find were very costly.  Rather than pay a high price, I created my own controller.   Friends suggested that I create this as a kit and offer it to others ... so the birth of Forza Componenti

We have also started a line of keys for classic cars.  Initially, making distinctive keys that complement the Ferrari motor vehicles.  We wanted to create an ignition key that the holder would instantly identify with Ferrari. 

I am very proud of what is now the Forza Componenti and Klassik Car Keys ... with fitment for many vehicles. 

Our Vision

We are a manufacturer of niche products for high end motorcars. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and our products are manufactured here. Our objective is to offer quality niche products at fair prices. Currently our portfolio of products is small, but as opportunities are identified, we hope to continue to expand our product line.  We are small, but dedicated to providing high quality products and services at a fair price.  We stand behind our products with an extensive warranty and we will be highly responsive to our clients needs and expectations.

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