Remote Control Transmitter

$10 USD

The remote control transmitters for our exhaust bypass controllers are chosen for their form and function.  These transmitters are of metal construction with a sliding plastic cover that will prevent inadvertent pressing of the control buttons. 

This transmitter uses a 12v battery and provides a much better working range than lesser transmitters — 30 to 80 meters. 

The unit is water and shock resistant.  There is a  small LED indicator light located between the buttons.

The transmitter is not pre-programmed for the controller module.  However, programming is very easy.  Refer to the installation instructions for your controller kit.

One transmitter is included with your exhaust bypass valve controller kit.
Depending on controller model, it will have either two buttons or four buttons. 

2-Button Remote
  • Model B1
  • Model C1
  • Model B2A / B3A for Alfa Romeo Giulia
4-Button Remote
  • Model B2 / B2A
  • Model B3 / B3A
  • Model D1


When you purchase the controller kit, you have the option to include 1 remote transmitter (included with kit) or 2 remote transmitters (this option adds $10 to the base cost of the controller kit).  If you wish to purchase additional transmitters or a replacement transmitter, select it here.

Note:  Please indicate if you want the 2-button or the 4-button model.




  • Description
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  • Warranty
  • 433 MHz transmitter
  • Approved by FCC, CE and all international governing bodies
  • Metal construction for appearance and durability
  • Sliding plastic cover protects push-buttons
  • Battery included
  • Easily programmed to your controller module

One remote control transmitter is included with the kit.  Additional remotes are available for $10 each.


The transmitter warranted to be free of defects. If it should fail within 12 months of purchase , return it to us for repair or replacement.  You only need to pay for shipping to us ... we will pay for return shipping.

Returns and Refunds

We will refund your full purchase price within 15 days of receipt.  Just return it in the original condition ... no questions asked.