Italian Flag Badge

$97.50 $76.50

This beautiful Italian flag badge is a great addition for any Italian car.  It is designed to fit along with the car's name on the rear of the vehicle.  The badge measures 200 mm x 10 mm.  Ideal accompaniment to add to the vehicle's name badge on the rear of the vehicle.



The badge is fire-glazed enamel. The metal bar is nickel-plated and polished to provide a smooth and mirror-like finish. The enamel flag colors are hand applied to the metal recesses and baked in an oven to provide a hard and durable finish.

Very easy to install. Clean the area where you want to install the badge free of oil and dirt. A strip of 1mm thick 3M VHB acrylic adhesive mounting tape has been applied to the underside of the badge. Peel the backing off the mounting strip and apply the badge wherever you like.



Installation Tips



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