Note:  Install tips result of feedback from customers.

Ferrari 458 Spider Install

The 458 Spider has complications that are not with the Coupe.  Primarily, getting the air box loosened to access the vacuum solenoid valve.  One client advised me that if you loosen the air box per the Coupe instructions and then remove the rear diffuser (under the rear bumper) you can just get you hand up there to access the solenoid valves.  It is tight, but doable. 

If the rear bumper is removed, it makes the installation much easier.

Where are the Vacuum Solenoid Valves?

The vacuum solenoid valves are in the same location as they are on the 458 Italia Coupe 

Accessing Vacuum Solenoid Valves without Removing Rear Bumper

As stated above, you can remove the rear diffuser and, although a tight squeeze, you will have some access to the vacuum solenoid valves.  Once the rear diffuser is removed, determine if you are able to access the vacuum solenoid valves. 

You may try to loosen the engine air box as is done on the 458 Italia Coupe.  Some clients reported success with this method, others have reported that they could not loosen the air box to gain access to solenoid valves.  Instruction for removal of the air box are with the 458 Italia Coupe instructions.  Click here.

If you are unable to gain enough access to satisfactorily access the solenoid and install the controller, the following steps can be followed ... starting with the removal of the rear bumper.

Removing the Rear Bumper

Remove the rear diffuser ... several screws and very easy to accomplish.

Lift car, remove wheels and remove the inside wheel fenders (black plastic shrouds).  Should be about 8 screws each. 

At this point you will have access to the taillight.  Remove the 3 screws and unplug it.  Once the taillight is out, you will have access to the last screws supporting the bumper (one on each side) behind the taillight.

Carefully remove the rear bumper, protecting the paint finish as you remove it. 

The vacuum solenoid valves are now easily accessed.

These remaining photos are of a 458 Spider installation of the controller module ...

Watch a YouTube Video of the 458 Spider Completion

This 458 Spider is same one in static photos above. 
This short video taken by technicians after installing the Forza Controller


Accessing the Vacuum Solenoid Valves
  • Two solenoid valves, located approximate center of vehicle, behind engine. 

  • Access by removing plastic shroud at back of engine compartment. 
  • Remove or loosen the air filter box.  The vacuum solenoid valves are attached to back of it. Solenoid valves are items A in this photo.  Item #1 and #2 are vacuum hoses secured with clamps.  Leave these alone.

  • Reach down to locate solenoid valves (Item A below).  Note that the metal clip on the connectors may not be the push-to-release type.  You may have to remove the clip so you can disconnect the plugs from the solenoids.  Replace the clip when connecting to the connection cables supplied with the controller kit.  The connector is indicated as #1 in the below photo.  Item #2 are vacuum hoses.
Potential Controller Module Installation
  • Use cable ties or 3M Dual Lock adhesive strips to secure control module to cross member that is under the air box.
  • Alternative location, if you have removed the rear bumper, is on a small shelf located on top side of left hand wheel arch.  See photos above.
  • Another location is under the bumper in front of third brake light.  Use 3M Dual Lock adhesive strips to secure.
  • In the following photo, the installer secured the controller immediately near the ECU on the left side of the car.  The controller module is visible in the upper right portion of the photo.