Forza Model D1 3-Way Exhaust Controller — for Camaro and Corvette

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The 3-Way Controller Gives You Complete Control of the Dual Mode Exhaust on your Camaro or Corvette

$164.50 USD


Three Operational Modes

The 3-Way Controller is a new development which will give you three different operational modes:

  1. Normal Mode:  In this mode, the vehicle controls the operation of the exhaust bypass valves.  This is the stock operation. 
  2. Always Open:  Selecting this mode will force the exhaust bypass valves to the open position — and remain open.  When the valves are Always Open, you have the full experience of hearing your engine exhaust at any time.  
  3. Always Closed:  Selecting the Always Closed mode will force the exhaust bypass valves to remain closed at all times.  This overrides the ECU control which opens the valves at predetermined engine and vehicle speeds.  This mode is especially useful to ensure that your vehicle is as quiet as possible. 

As with our other exhaust controllers, you can use the included wireless remote transmitter ... OR ... you can choose to use a manual switch.  The Forza controller allows you to use either one.

Plug-and-Play  ... 100% Reversible

Completely plug-and-play.  No wiring modification is required.  All necessary wiring and mounting accessories are included.  There is no electrical modifications required to your vehicles.  No wire cutting or splicing.  The electrical system on your vehicles will not be compromised.  All your existing devices and connections will have no changes.  Once installation is complete, you use the buttons on your remote transmitter to select the operational modes   ...  and, you also have the ability to configure a manual switch that you can mount inside your vehicle. 

Since no modification to the vehicle or vehicle's electrical system is required to install, if you ever want to remove the controller the installation is 100% reversible.

Simplified Installation

Installation is quick and simple.   You only need to select a location to install the controller and connect the power cable.  On the Camaro, power is obtained from the fuse block is in the rear of the car.  On the Corvette, power is from the fuse block located under the instrument panel.  Simply unplug the vacuum solenoid,  connect the included cable and route the cable to the controller.  Once installation is complete, you use the buttons on your remote transmitter to control the exhaust bypass valves  ...  and, you also have the ability to configure a manual on/off switch that you can mount inside your vehicle.





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  • Completely self contained controller box
  • True Plug-and-Play.  Controller is ready to install out of the box.  No mods required to the car or the controller.
  • 100% reversible. If you ever wish to remove the controller, just unplug it from the car and your car is back to original state.
  • User configuration to use either the remote control key fob or use a manual on/off switch
  • All internal components integrated on Printed Circuit Board for higher reliability
  • Convenient master power switch
  • No Check Engine Lights (CEL) or Diagnostic Test Codes (DTC)
  • High-gain internal antenna for improved remote control performance
  • Approved by FCC, CE and all international governing bodies
  • Kit includes full installation instructions
  • One remote control transmitter included with the kit ... additional transmitters available at $10 USD each
  • Remote control can be programmed to newer versions of HomeLink (version 5 and higher) that is integrated into many cars.   Older versions of HomeLink (earlier than 2013) will not support the 433MHz frequency of the remote transmitter used by Forza.
  • Mounting accessories including cable ties and 3M adhesive mounts

The Forza Dual Mode Exhaust Controller includes a power switch with LED indicator

Connection wires include fuse taps, spare fuses and connectors for an easy installation.

One remote control transmitter is included with the kit.  Additional remotes are available for $10 each.

To help you install the controller module, we include some 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners and an assortment of cable ties. Dual Lock provides very high tensile and sheer strength in temperatures up to 105° C.   Applied correctly, it makes mounting of your controller easy and secure.

The Dual Mode Exhaust Controller kit is compatible with the Chevrolet Camaro Generation 5 and the Corvette C6 equipped with the dual-mode exhaust system (NPP Exhaust).

The controller may be compatible with other vehicles equipped with dual mode exhausts. Call for details.


The controller kit is warranted to be free of defects. If the controller should fail within 12 months of installation, return it to us for repair or replacement.  You only need to pay for shipping to us ... we will pay for return shipping.

Returns and Refunds

We will refund your full purchase price within 15 days of receiving your kit. Just return it in the original condition ... no questions asked.