Forza Model C1 Dual Mode Exhaust Controller — for Camaro, Corvette and Aston Martin

Includes Gen5 and Gen6 Camaro as well as the C6 and C7 Corvette

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Take Back Control of the Dual Mode Exhaust on your Camaro, Corvette or Aston Martin

$78.50 USD

Dual Mode Exhausts have been available on Corvette and Camaro for a few years now.  Now, with the Forza Dual Mode Exhaust Controller, you have the means to manually control the bypass valves on your C6 Corvette or Camaro that has the NPP exhaust option.  You can use the included wireless remote transmitter ... OR ... you can choose to use a manual switch.  The Forza controller allows you to use either one.

Two Operational Modes

The Forza Dual Mode Controller provides two different operational modes that you can select at the touch of a button on the remote or using a manual On-Off switch that you can install inside the car.

  1. Normal Mode:  In this mode, the vehicle controls the operation of the exhaust bypass valves.  This is the stock operation. 
  2. Always Open:  Selecting this mode will force the exhaust bypass valves to the open position — and remain open.  When the valves are Always Open, you have the full experience of hearing your engine exhaust at any time.  

Plug-and-Play  ... 100% Reversible

The kit is completely plug-and-play.  No wiring modification is required.  Since no modification to the vehicle or vehicle's electrical system is required to install, if you ever want to remove the controller the installation is 100% reversible.

A Special Note about the Gen6 Camaro and C7 Corvette

Both the Gen6 Camaro and C7 Corvette have advanced control of the exhaust bypass valves incorporated within the Driver Mode options.  This gives you the ability set-up the behavior of the bypass valves using built-in functions.  Generally, however, to select opening of the bypass valves, you must be in one of the sport or track options.  You have limited ability to have the exhaust bypass valves open in other modes, for example ECO or Tour.  With the Forza controller, you can completely override the Driver Mode control and open the exhaust bypass valves at any time in any Driver Mode.  And, you can do it quickly without having to scroll through options on the driver mode.  And, with a simple touch of the button, you can return control of the exhaust bypass valves to the vehicle.  In addition, you can also program the Forza controller to work through the car's HomeLink® system.

Using the Forza controller on your Camaro Gen6 or Corvette C7 gives you full independence using the Driver Mode menu.  You can set up defaults on the car and then with a push of the button, you can immediately open the valves independent of the Driver Mode settings.  Push the other button and return control of the exhaust bypass valves back to the car.

Simplified Installation

Installation is quick and simple.   You only need to select a location to install the controller that is close to the fuse block.  On the Corvette, the fuse block is under the dash.  On the Camaro, the fuse block is in the rear of the car. 

Using the included fuse taps, you merely unplug a fuse and plug in the fuse tap.  This will in no way compromise the electrical system on your car.  All your existing devices and connections will have no changes.  Once installation is complete, you use one button on your remote transmitter to open the exhaust bypass valves and the other button to close the valves and return control to the car  ...  and, you also have the ability to configure a manual on/off switch that you can mount inside your vehicle.





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  • Compatibility
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  • Warranty
  • Completely self contained controller box
  • True Plug-and-Play.  Controller is ready to install out of the box.  No mods required to the car or the controller.
  • 100% reversible. If you ever wish to remove the controller, just unplug it from the car and your car is back to original state.
  • User configuration to use either the remote control key fob or use a manual on/off switch
  • All internal components integrated on Printed Circuit Board for higher reliability
  • Convenient master power switch
  • No Check Engine Lights (CEL) or Diagnostic Test Codes (DTC)
  • High-gain internal antenna for improved remote control performance
  • Approved by FCC, CE and all international governing bodies
  • Kit includes full installation instructions
  • One remote control transmitter included with the kit ... additional transmitters available at $10 USD each
  • Remote control can be programmed to newer versions of HomeLink (version 5 and higher) that is integrated into many cars.   Older versions of HomeLink (earlier than 2013) will not support the 433MHz frequency of the remote transmitter used by Forza.
  • Mounting accessories including cable ties and 3M adhesive mounts

The Forza Dual Mode Exhaust Controller includes a power switch with LED indicator

Connection wires include fuse taps, spare fuses and connectors for an easy installation.

One remote control transmitter is included with the kit.  Additional remotes are available for $10 each.

To help you install the controller module, we include some 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners and an assortment of cable ties. Dual Lock provides very high tensile and sheer strength in temperatures up to 105° C.   Applied correctly, it makes mounting of your controller easy and secure.

The Dual Mode Exhaust Controller kit is compatible with any vehicles having exhaust bypass valves that have a dedicated fuse protecting the exhaust bypass valves.  Some vehicles may have usage precautions, contact us for more information.  If your vehicle is not listed, contact us for more information.

The following vehicles have been validated for compatibility:

  • Aston Martin Vantage V8
  • Chevrolet Corvette C6 or C7 with NPP (or Dual Mode) exhaust
  • Chevrolet Camaro Gen5 or Gen6 with NPP (or Dual-Mode) exhaust

The Mild2Wild remote control device for Corvette and Camaro has been available for some time now.  The Forza unit is superior to the Mild2Wild device and we offer this comparison.

The Mild2Wild was originally made available for the Corvette C6.  It is a commercially available remote control switch ... Logisys Model RM01. It is made for general purpose 12 VDC applications with low current capacity. As delivered to the consumer, the switch includes a fuse tap and the device is not configured for zero current drain. The consumer must modify the M2W switch for this configuration. M2W also sells their device for the Camaro ... but the consumer must take apart the wiring on the device and make some modifications before being able to install it in the Camaro.

The Forza unit is custom manufactured for the job and all components have been designed for long term reliability.  It costs more to manufacture, but we are keeping our price very competitive to assure total satisfaction.  The Forza unit is completely plug and play.  It is ready to install out of the box and no modifications are required to install it on any vehicle.

The images shown directly below are of the Mild2Wild solution that is available from various resellers.  Click on the "Additional Views" tab and compare the overall construction and accessories with the Forza unit.

Mild2Wild is a an adaption of the Logisys RM01 remote control switch ... commercially available for less than $15 from various sources.

The following table provides a full comparison.




Controller Material High strength commercial ABS plastic electronic enclosure
Consumer grade thin-walled plastic box
Custom Designed and Development Yes

Forza's unit is custom designed specifically for the application of controlling automotive exhaust bypass valves that use a dedicated fused circuit.

Controller and wiring specifically engineering for use in automotive applications.

Mild2Wild uses the Logisys RM01 ... an off the shelf, light duty remote control switch ... a generic switch designed for any 12 volt application. It is not specifically designed for automotive use.
Plug-and-Play Yes

The Forza controller is ready to install out of the box.  No modification is required to the controller unit, the connection cabling or the vehicle.  It is 100% Plug and Play and 100% reversible.

The Forza controller is 100% plug and play for all vehicles that we state compatibility.  If it is not 100% plug and play, we will not make any claim to the contrary.
No  The M2W cannot be considered true plug-and-play.

On the Corvette C6, Mild2Wild suggests that the user may wish to install the device for zero current drain. This requires taking apart the wiring on the controller module and connecting into the car's fuse block in a different manner than sold to the consumer.

For the Camaro, one must take apart the M2W wiring connector and modify the wiring to function in the Camaro, otherwise it will not work.
General Construction Custom manufactured printed circuit board and enclosure.

Design considerations taken to ensure high strength and reliability.

External wiring secured with strain relief bushing to prevent accidentally pulling the wire free from control module.

Remote control transmitter stylish metal design and high quality. Each remote is custom coded to the control module receiver. Your remote will compliment your car.
Mild2Wild is an off-the-shelf general purpose remote control switch. Crimp connectors added to wires.

External wiring has only thin shrink-wrap tubing for strain relief which is easily compromised allowing the wires to be pulled free of the internal circuit board.

Remote control transmitters are plastic construction. No ability to custom code the remote to the receiver unit.
Master Power Switch Yes

Illuminated power switch provides visible verification of power on or off

Ability to easily isolate controller during prolonged periods of vehicle inactivity assures no possibility of draining battery.

No power switch available

Once installed, there is no means of easily isolating device from electrical system without pulling the connection at the fuse block
Wiring All wires used with controller are 16AWG or 18AWG wires

Automotive grade wiring with heavy insulation

Designed for maximum electrical load capacity of 20 A and fused protected for 10A
Wires are 20AWG thin wiring with thin wall insulation. Not likely to cause a problem, but not as robust as larger gauge wiring.

The remote control switch that Mild2Wild is using is rated for a maximum capacity of 6A. The circuit it is controlling on the car is fused for 10A.
RF Antenna The Forza controller uses a high-gain RF receiver and an internal antenna to provide optimum reception of RF signal from the remote control transmitter.  There is no dangling wire used for an antenna.
Mild2Wild utilizes the generic switch which has an external dangling wire that is 13 inches long (33 cm) for the antenna.  See the blue wire in the photo above.  The dangling wire is functional, but it is easily compromised and does not represent best practice. The use of dangling wires as antennas is commonly used as it is the least costly solution for providing an antennna.
Operational Modes and Configuration Two Operational Modes (Remote and Manual On/Off Switch)

Configuration changes easily made with simple slide switch
One Operational Mode - Remote Only

No ability to change configuration
Custom Designed for Application Yes

The Forza controller has been custom designed and assembled in the USA specifically for vehicles that control the exhaust bypass valves using a dedicated fused circuit.

Mild2Wild has an off-the-shelf generic remote control switch that is available through many sources. 
Installation accessories included Yes

Includes 3M Dual Lock Mounting Strips and cable ties

Includes extension wires so you have flexibility where to install your control module.

Wiring is fixed length, without splicing into the wires, you are more limited in your selection of a suitable installation location.
Option to use a manual On/Off switch Yes

The user can select the operational mode at any time.


The user is always restricted to using the remote transmitter mode only.  Mild2Wild does not have the option to use a manual switch.

FCC, CE Approved FCC - Yes

CE and all international governing bodies - Yes.

The transmitter on the Forza controller is 433MHz which is approved in Europe, US and other countries.
FCC - Yes

CE and all international governing bodies - No.

The transmitter on the Mild2Wild is 315MHz which is not approved for use in Europe and many countries outside the US.
Warranty 12 months.  15 day return policy for full refund.
12 months.  No return / refund policy.  Repair or replace only.


The controller kit is warranted to be free of defects. If the controller should fail within 12 months of installation, return it to us for repair or replacement.  You only need to pay for shipping to us ... we will pay for return shipping.

Returns and Refunds

Contact us for any refunds.  We will refund your full purchase price within 15 days of receiving your kit.  Just return it in the original condition ... no questions asked.   After 45 days, a re-stocking fee of 15% will be applied for any refunds.