Forza Model B4A Exhaust Controller

Model B4A Controller

Forza model b4a exhaust controller


The Model B4A controller is functionally identical to the Model B4.  It is a 3-way exhaust controller that is designed for installation in extreme environments as one would encounter in the engine bay of high performance sports cars.

This model is designed for motor cars that have only a single vacuum solenoid valve, hence only a single electrical connector.

As with the Model B4, you can choose for the valves to be in Normal mode at vehicle start or in the Always Open mode at vehicle start.

The Model B4A provides three different operational modes — all three modes can be selected using the included remote transmitter or a manual On/Off switch.

  1. Normal Mode:  In this mode, the vehicle controls the operation of the exhaust bypass valves.  This is the stock operation.  You can choose this as your start-up mode.
  2. Always Open:  Selecting this mode will force the exhaust bypass valves to the open position — and remain open.  When the valves are Always Open, you have the full experience of hearing your engine exhaust at any time.  You can also choose as your start-up mode. 
  3. Always Closed:  Selecting the Always Closed mode will force the exhaust bypass valves to remain closed at all times.  This overrides the ECU control which opens the valves at predetermined engine and vehicle speeds.  This mode is especially useful to ensure that your vehicle is as quiet as possible.  Note: With this option, you can force the valves to stay in the closed position at all times.  This feature was added at the request of people who track their cars at locations with strict noise standards and did not want the vehicle ECU to open the valves at high engine RPM. This mode cannot be chosen as your start-up mode.


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