Forza Exhaust Controller Accessories

Extension Cable

extension cable for forza controller

Optional for the 458 and 488.  Extends shorter cable used on Model B4.  Provides greater flexibility when installing on the Ferrari 458 and 488 by allowing the placement of the controller module anywhere in the car's engine bay.  Otherwise, restricted by length of the shorter cable included in the kit.


Lambo Plugs

adapter plugs for lamborghini

Adapter plugs for Audi, Lamborghini and Volkswagen.  These cars manufactured by Audi/VW frequently use a different electrical connector than most other vehicles. 


Remote Fobs

remote fobs for forza controller

Extra remote for exhaust controllers modules.  Available with 2 or 4 buttons.


Extra Remote Transmitter
Angel Eye Switch

sample photo

Illuminated LED push-button switch.  The push button is raised above the surface when off and flush when on.  Available in 3 colors.


LED Color