BRE Exhaust System
Porsche 991.1 / 991.2 GT3
Race Valved System - Inconel

Note:  This is for the GT3.
Click here for the GT3 RS

Manufactured from Inconel 625.  The same material used for F1 systems & hypercar P1, 918, La Ferrari

This is the BRE valved race system that is absolutely incredible and true race car sound with valves open. A very popular choice for those looking for all out race car sound whilst still keeping emission leglislation.

It is very loud and not for the faint hearted, comparable to Carrera cup RSR race cars. The perfect addition to your GT3 / GT3Rs that transforms the car and driving experience.

The vacuum valves are controlled using the existing Porsche system. The operation of the valves is dependent on the driving mode and if the in car exhaust valve button is selected.

Other benefits include 20+ kg weight saving and very aesthetically pleasing BRE Inconel system that changes gold/ purple after driving.

The exhaust is bolt on/ bolt off fitment and mounted to the standard headers & catalytic converters. With the BRE rear setup only, no ECU tune required and no CEL warning light.  

The system will fit to standard tips or optional BRE 4" slash cut tips that look incredible.

Orders will take 7-10 days for delivery.

Key Features

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