BRE Exhaust System
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
X-Pipe and Rear Section
Valved System - Inconel

Manufactured from Inconel 625.  The same material used for F1 systems & hypercar P1, 918, La Ferrari

BRE unique design comprising of a CAD designed and CFD calculated downpipes and X-pipe.  The system produces a drastic improvement to volume and tone from the V12 whilst still maintaining the Ferrari pedigree.

The exhaust gases leave the V12 headers and use the factory downpipes. The next step is into the BRE X-pipe, which balances exhaust gasses and dramatically enhances the tone of the V12 engine giving the F12 a Formula 1 symphony. After the X-pipe the next step is the standard hydroformed F12 exhaust system and into the rear BRE silencers. With the valves closed, exhaust gasses are directed through the  silencers for reduced volume when driving in low load conditions. When the valves are open the exhaust gasses bypass the silencers and a straight through system is achieved.

The vacuum valves are controlled using the existing Ferrari system or using the Forza exhaust controller. The operation of the valves is dependent on the driving mode selected and rev position. In Wet mode, valves open between 3-3500 RPM giving a sensible driving experience. In Race mode the valves open between 2-2500 RPM and give the ultimate driving experience with a true V12 symphony. Using the Forza exhaust controller, you can manually control the valves.

Optional BRE fully CNC machined exhaust tips are available that finish off the F12 with a quality appearance.  They are larger in diameter and thicker to give a more substantial and thicker look over the standard tips.

The sound achieved is truly incredible.  Simple bolt / on bolt off solution utilizing standard brackets and hangers. Simple bolt on bolt off solution using standard brackets & hangers. With the BRE setup, no ECU tune required and no CEL warning light.

Orders will take 7-10 days for delivery.

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