Exhaust Bypass Valve Controllers — New! Smaller size for easier installation.  Same function ... same price.


Take Back Control with the Original Model B — now improved and smaller size — the Model B3 and B3A Three Way Controllers — for Ferrari, Maserati and others
The Model B3 ... for vehicles that require two connections.  Most Ferrari's — click for details


Model B3A for vehicles requiring a single connection, including Lamborghini, Audi, Alfa Romeo and others — click for details


All three modes operational using either a manual switch or the included remote:

  1. Normal Mode
  2. Always Open
  3. Always Closed (not available for Alfa Romeo Giulia QF)

The Model B3 and B3A Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller Kit is a complete solution that provides the means to take back control of the vehicle's exhaust bypass valves.  With a touch of the button on the remote control, you have control of the exhaust bypass valves.  You can manually open the exhaust bypass valves to have that classic engine sound at all speeds and engine RPMs.  Of course, you can return the operation of the exhaust valves to the car's ECU which generally results in lower engine noise at low vehicle speeds and engine RPM.  Installation is plug-and-play.  No electrical modifications ...

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Model E Controller — click for details

E1 — $86.50
E2 — $183.00
E3 — $295.00

The New Model E Controller is one controller with three configurations.  Provides two-way or three-way control for your exhaust bypass valves for several vehicles.  The Model C and D controllers for Aston Martin, Camaro and Corvette motor cars have been discontinued ... replaced by the Model E1 and E2.  The Model E3 controller supports Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW and VW motor cars with a single vacuum solenoid valve.

The Model E Controllers are still completely plug-and-play and installation is easily accomplished by the home DIYer.

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Exhaust Systems & Bypass Info

An automotive exhaust system is designed to evacuate gases from the combustion chamber quickly and efficiently. Exhaust gases are not produced in a smooth stream; exhaust gases originate in pulses. An 8 cylinder engine will have 8 distinct pulses per complete engine cycle and a 12 cylinder engine will have 12 pulses. As more pulses are produced, the exhaust flow becomes more continuous.

Within the exhaust system, there is an inherent resistance the flow of the exhaust gases back pressure, loosely defined as the resistance to positive flow of the exhaust system.  With any modern engine, the inherent back pressure within the exhaust system which consists of the exhaust manifold, the catalytic converter, the system muffler (silencer) and the connecting pipes.  While one would think that lower back pressure would be better, that is not always the case ...

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Other Products & Services

Extra and replacement parts for Exhaust Bypass Controllers are available.  Such as remote control transmitters or RF antennas. 

Contact us using the link below should you need replacement parts or other service.

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